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The Ultimate Picking Program.

The first ever A.I. guitar teacher for picking.

The fastest way to advance your picking speed ever. It tells you exactly what to practice by performing a deep ongoing analysis of your own playing. It tells you the tempo to practice at and knows how fast you should be able to perform every exercise. The Ultimate Picking Program will expose weakness and correct your picking.

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Testimonials From Users Of The Ultimate Picking Program

What people who use it are saying

Johannes Ambs

Dear Allen,
After using your Ultimate Picking Program for 3 weeks now, I wanted to share my experiences with you and give you some totally honest feedback. This isn't going to be a short post, so only read it if you can spare the time. I will of course not be offended if you don't and I apologize in advance for my mediocre English.

First I want to give you an impression of me as a learning guitar player. I am 27 years old and have been playing guitar since elementary school. When I was 15 I began to practice a lot and have since then been really committed. I always tried to practice for at least 3 hours a day, read books about practicing the right way, purchased DVDs and programs etc... However, for the relatively long time that I have been actively trying to get good, I play embarrassingly mediocre. But although I am not a skilled player, I am a very experienced customer of guitar programs (it's something), so I think I am qualified to give valuable feedback.

The first thing I want to talk about is the format of your program. It is absolutely innovative and unique. I have never worked on my technique with this approach and it feels very refreshing to do something else then just "trying to play like the guy in the instructional video" for the 100th-time. The visual presentation and the videogame-esque feeling of achievement after bringing an exercise on the "next-level" is beyond awesome. I can't give that enough praise. It is motivating and helps me to stick with it.

The next absolutely positive point I want to address is the lesson material itself and the fundamental way the program works by forcing you to work on your weaknesses. The best way to express myself is probably to tell you another story about me. There is a good chance that I am the one person on this planet who has practiced a particular solo more than anyone else on the planet. When I was around 18 years old I wanted to learn downfall by Children Of Bodom. To this day I can't properly do that. But for the last 9-10 years the licks of that relatively short solo covered around 70% of my practice schedules, often 100%. I guess I am obsessed with that little piece of music that I still cant play. There are kids who shred it after half a year of guitar noodling, which is why I assume that there are many ways in which my method of practicing and my technique is fundamentally wrong. The point is, that my method has achieved one thing for sure: It kept me away from addressing weak points. I practiced the same patterns for hours year after year and although I don't really grasp why I am not an expert in the things I actually worked on, I can feel that it's very positive that the U.P.P. now forces me to do other stuff and take a step back. Doing the assessment test was kind of a humiliating process because I actually didn't know how bad I am in some areas. I had to turn the metronome down to unknown depths but am now slowly crawling towards the surface and that means, for the first time in years, the experience of some actual progress. Thank you for that. Forcing the student to focus on weaknesses is in my opinion the Program's greatest virtue.

Next I want to make a little productive criticism. There is of course a reason why people like me are unable to play on a higher level, regardless of the hours they have put in. That reason is bad technique, which is easily said. The point is, that it is almost impossible for a learning player to really know what he/she is doing wrong. I didn't realize that something feels wrong until I finally found out a different way to do it. Teachers on the other hand are unable to really tell whats going on, because the problem might not be a visible one. The Improvements I have made over the years never ever happened because I just "played something many times" (Jesus, I remember when I swore to practice nothing else until I would have played the first run of that cursed solo 10,000 times. I did that and it didn't really help. Yes, I counted). Occasional improvement always happened because I was able to apply something into my technique that I picked up from somewhere. Your advice like "keep the pick in touch with the string" is just gold. I already do this but it will be of great worth for a lot of players. But I want more of that. Slow motion videos are great and very interesting but I am more interested how playing "feels" for you, physically and mentally. I realize you talk about it and for me thats the most valuable part of the videos. Any material covering even more of that in future programs would make me very happy.

The lesson material itself is another big plus. I would say its a matter of taste to go through exercises that aren't exactly musical but it really isn't. I can clearly see how them focusing on the technical aspect is helping me with getting the most out of my practice time and that is what I want. Progress. Contrary to what some might expect, working with the program is actually my favorite part of my practice schedule. I work on it for an hour every day, before I practice something else.

This is my review, I hope it is of some value for you and I hope I was able to express myself more or less clearly.


[Johannes has gained over 5 Notes Per Second on each exercise since finishing the assessment]

Peter Norquist

Your UPP is fantastic!

Your app has made me a 500% better guitar player since I bought it. The exercises are awesome, frustrating challenging, and most of all effective! I’m hoping you come out with an app for working on the fretting hand soon too. Thanks again!

[Peter has improved 5 notes per second on each exercise][The program is now giving him 3 exercises to practice]

Jamie Prouse

As an avid user of this program myself, for anybody who is questioning purchasing this I strongly recommended you do!

It's now a vital addition to my daily practise and not only is it really helping me nail my picking accuracy and speed it's also really fun to use. The time and effort put towards making this program shows and continues to improve with new updates and new features. It is awesome.

[Jamie has improved 9.5 notes per second on for exercise on average within about a week!][The program is now giving him 8 exercises to practice]

Brian Jetter

Thank you!
Man what a treat this program is. Just doing the assessment alone is eye opening and tons of fun. I have excitement just seeing each new exercise and video as its unlocked. Those videos are gold man. It's great to get your wisdom. Can't thank you enough for the work you did here. (oh and im ready for the legato one anytime bro lol) It's so easy to use & helpful too. It's re-invigorated my drive to pick my ass off and these stripped down transient exercises are awesome. I know the gains will already happen before the assessment is even done.

Josh O'Neill

Hi Allen,
I've been using your Ultimate Picking program. Bought it probably around a month ago. It's insane, I've never had such speedy growth in my playing. I just wanted to thank you for it. I'm sure I still have a long ways to go. Being able to rifle something out real quick is effortless now, instead of my hands getting jumbled in the mix. Again, just wanted to thank you and appreciate the amount of time and effort it must have taken to come up with!
And again thank you for the system. It's been the first time I feel confident in my ability to play.

[Josh has gained over 49 Notes Per Second overall since finishing the assessment]

Bruce C.

OK - I can see how this could really help with my picking. Thanks man! I feel like I have a teacher again

You are the only guitarist/instructor that addresses the problem that I have been agonizing over literally for years. And I've asked many people about this with no real answer - and that is - my arm tenses up when I practice a tremolo exercise. I can get it up to about 160 bpm then my arm tenses and I have to stop, I have been pissed off at myself because I cannot tremolo for an indefinite period of time. I see other guitarists do it but I can't. And absolutely nobody provides a solution to this except you. So thank you!!

I've been practicing never leaving the string! It's working - at least for one string now. But the tension on the arm is far less than before. I can go much longer on a tremolo than before! Now I have to incorporate that in all your exercises and the scales that I practice.

(**Bruce has already progressed 62 Notes Per Second overall within his first week of finishing the assessment test and practicing what the program told him to practice**)

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A new way to practice guitar.


Guitarists tend to learn licks and songs which is fun but they miss out on fundamental elements of practicing. Even with seemingly focused lesson material, they focus on only a few exercises because they know people don't have a lot of time to practice virtually endless exercises. Most guitarists ask me what they should be practicing and the answer to that is a little different for everyone. One common question is how to pick fast and accurately. They have tried everything for years and nothing seems to really help them out.


A training program that uses A.I. to find your actual weakness and sets specific goals for you (down to the exact 100th of a note per second.) It learns about your own playing and adapts to it forever so you will never have to ask what you should be practicing again.

Now is the moment to stop wasting time and money and get the Ultimate Picking Program

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Frequently Asked Questions

What many have been wondering and asking about the Ultimate Picking Program and how it works.

Do I need a Microphone, Interface or Webcam?

No, since input systems (I even did some work for in the past) have trouble handling over 11 notes per second live. The decision has been made to let the user decide if their playing is accurate or not. This allows for swing time feel and a personalized less clinical feel. Plus the technology is not totally there to allow live input accuracy at the level I would like on a mobile device or computer.

Do I have to buy it on every device separately like minecraft?

No, simply use your account to log in on any platform you have it on and they all act as one!

Does this include exercises for the fretting hand?

Only a few used as special rewards for your hard work. This is meant to focus on picking and will fix specifically your picking troubles!

How does the A.I. know what I am bad at doing?

By using algorithms that are directly designed for the exercise set. They involve physics, a little bit of learning (As a training phase for the A.I. not as a full on self learning model of A.I.), thousands of variables being compared and a year of testing and slight adjusting!

Is there a demo I can try before spending $97?

The trouble in proving a demo for a product of this kind is that is it too easy for users to abuse the demonstration system to get a free assessment. A solution to this is being worked on and thought out. Every user that has finished the assessment so far has made improvements in their picking so once there are enough testimonials from them their friends will hopefully trust this product.

It says my friend improved 150 notes per second within three days, how is that even possible? Or is it just spread out across 109 exercises?

The overall progress of notes per second is how many notes per second your friend has improved on all of the exercises they were given to practice by the A.I. after they finished the assessment. This is usually 20 or less exercises. That means your friend has averaged an increase of about 7 notes per second on every exercise the program knew they could play faster than they currently were with a little practice. The numbers are amazing for speed of progress. This is why A.I. is important and so powerful and what sets this program apart from anything you have ever seen before!

Story of How The Ultimate Picking Program Came About

As one of the fastest guitarists in the world I'm often asked how I do it. My general answer is that there are no real shortcuts and it takes a few years of hard work by practicing using the proper techniques and focus to do what I do.

That has been true, except now I have a little bit of a shortcut and here is how I discovered it.

I designed a list of exercises for myself that would just focus on picking. These exercises cover every fundamental physical motion and combination of motions you would ever encounter. After all these years, I wanted to really test myself and see what I had the most trouble playing so that I could focus on it to save myself from wasting time practicing anything I was already good enough at.

I then realized that there would need to be a way to make sense of the differences between certain exercises so I could compare them properly. You can't just base it off of tempo. There are some physics to take into account and a bunch of other variables that can get very confusing really quickly. Long story short, after many hours, very large math formulas and testing, I came up with a method to accurately judge the exercises to really discover what I had the most trouble with. After three days of practicing my exercises and performing my math, there were a few that jumped out as clear issues and it made me take a good look into the reason I was having so much trouble on these specific exercises.

I noticed that there was a common element in all of the exercises that my math system told me I needed to practice. I never once in over 30 years of playing the guitar noticed I had this issue.

A light bulb went off. I bet other people would also have issues in their playing that they never knew about. I know that because this covers every motion and combination of motions you can make it will uncover every issue any player has with their picking. I knew that people wouldn't want to perform calculations like I was. I also knew I would not want to do it all semi-manually for much longer.

This is when I decided to make a program that would automate everything and act as an A.I. guitar teacher. About a year later and many months of programming, video recording and video editing, I present to you...

The Ultimate Picking Program

I honestly can't see anyone ever needing to make another picking instructional again. I consider this a shortcut because it will save you time. You will not only have every picking exercise a human can perform but it will only tell you to practice the ones you need to practice. This is my elegant solution to the trouble of practicing guitar. While the practicing is still up to you and your own hard work, I feel that my program makes it a much more direct path to success without wasting any time.

There is nothing else like this in the world and you will save valuable time by using my program to follow a direct path to picking success. No more wasted energy or time. With my over 4 hours of video instruction included, there are no more excuses and no more worries.

Allen Van Wert

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